Using the Voice of Mayors to Advance North Carolina

Our Why

Cities lead the way

  • Metropolitan NC is driving the economic success of the entire state–both urban and rural.

  • Cities have unique needs that are not being adequately addressed. As an organization, we make those needs known.

  • Regional coordination is essential to our state’s success. The Metro Mayors Coalition brings together our large and mid-sized cities to find solutions.

Our How

Mayors making a difference

  • Our Mayors are uniquely recognized as advocates for urban interests. Thus, they are uniquely positioned to advocate on key issues.

  • We build relationships among local, state and federal leaders to work for common interests.

  • We identify the pressing need in metropolitan areas to policy makers, and we are nimble and able to act quickly on emerging issues.

Our What

Practices, priorities and partnerships

  • The Metro Mayors are laser focused on the promoting the key role cities play in N.C.’s economy, and earning the support our economic hubs deserve.

  • Through our partnership with the N.C. League of Municipalities, our voice is louder and our impact is greater.

  • By bringing key leaders together, we share best practices and ensure that all of our metropolitan areas have the tools to thrive.

Our Members

Click here to view a list of North Carolina’s Metropolitan Mayors.