Interview with Sen. Bill Rabon on Senate tax reform

Metro Mayors sat with Sen.Bill Rabon (Brunswick-R) this week to discuss the Senate’s tax reform bill (H998). We appreciate the Senator’s time and candor on the bill. Here is what he shared:

Sen. Rabon: It’s my hope that we can reach a compromise with the House. I think tax reform is one of the big issues and one of the most important issues that is facing the state today.

We are moving forward with deliberations, trying to reach that compromise. I’m sure the Senate will come up with a plan that’s fair to everyone and that accomplishes true tax reform and not nibbling around the edges and that it insures every taxpayer in the state has more money in their pocket, pays less tax overall. That’s our primary goal and that businesses also receive their fair share of tax reform and tax cuts, that we proceed with doing away with corporate welfare.

Hopefully, this will be something that the public sees as beneficial or is something that is beneficial to the public and that it is viewed that way.

The second part is that we must be willing to control our spending and stand by our belief that less government not more government is the way we want to proceed and we must be willing to make tough decisions and control the growth of government and allow it to grow only in concert with the growth in population. Those revenues that we save by controlling growth will remain in the pockets of the people of the state and won’t be spent to Raleigh to be spent.

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