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Interview with Ned Curran, chairman of the North Carolina Board of Transportation, on House Bill 817 Strategic Transportation Investments

After Gov. Pat McCrory signed House Bill 817, also known as the Strategic Transportation Investments, into law about three weeks ago, the North Carolina Metropolitan Mayors Coalition sat down with Ned Curran, chairman of the North Carolina Board of Transportation, to discuss what the formulas for House Bill 817 should look like. This is what […]

2017-05-24T08:56:09+00:00July 18th, 2013|

Interview with Rep. Torbett On New Transportation Strategy

After House Bill 817, or the Strategic Transportation Investments bill, passed both the House and Senate, North Carolina Metropolitan Mayors Coalition legislative intern Kathryn Trogdon sat down with Rep. John Torbett, R-Gaston and a chair of the Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee (JLTOC). The formulas that underpin the bill will be developed by the Strategic […]

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Interview with Sen. Bill Rabon on Senate tax reform

Metro Mayors sat with Sen.Bill Rabon (Brunswick-R) this week to discuss the Senate’s tax reform bill (H998). We appreciate the Senator’s time and candor on the bill. Here is what he shared:

Sen. Rabon: It’s my hope that we can reach a compromise with the House. I think tax reform is […]

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Metro Mayors Q&A with Rep. Tim Moffitt

NCMMC: What is your philosophy or experience that drives your interest in local government issues? Is your interest just in Asheville or in local governments all over?

TM: My interest is solely focused on good government, whether it’s at the local level or the state level or at the federal level. Good government really comes in […]

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